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John M is a Linux fan in Lowell, MA.

I work at at a company writing software. I fool around with Free and Open Source software for fun & profit.

I was big into and you can still see some of what I listen to there. I can also be found using github and recently sourcehut as well as bitbucket (historically). I don't care for most popular social media sites. If I have an account on one or the other it's probably either old and unused or was created just for tinkering.


Links to things I like, use, or otherwise feel is worth sharing. Things I'd like to see get more popular.

Synergy is so Cool

Do you ever stumble over something, my case software, that is just so cool you have to tell everybody? I do. Synergy has been on my radar for a while. But I had not got around to trying it until this week. I Probably picked it up from slashdot posts.

Regardless, this software is extremely cool. I used it at work doing installs on some new laptops. I kept going for the wrong mouse/touchpad, but with synergy installed, I just moved the pointer from one screen to the other. Setup with the windows GUI was a tad bit confusing, but only because I didn't read the documentation first :-).

I installed it when I got home too. Because I'm a dork I even made a movie clip of using synergy between by laptop and desktop. You may have to use mplayer/vlc to view it because I used x264+avi to encode the clip.

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