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John M is a Linux fan in Lowell, MA.

I work at at a company writing software. I fool around with Free and Open Source software for fun & profit.

I was big into and you can still see some of what I listen to there. I can also be found using github and recently sourcehut as well as bitbucket (historically). I don't care for most popular social media sites. If I have an account on one or the other it's probably either old and unused or was created just for tinkering.


Links to things I like, use, or otherwise feel is worth sharing. Things I'd like to see get more popular.

The Anti-Resolution

For the whole month of January I've been putting off writing an entry. I keep meaning to come up with something more substaintail then the average entry. But I do have some good news, I've got more patches in Mercurial, got even more new music, just tried KDE 4.2 which seems pretty sweet so far, and seem caught up on most of my outstanding tasks.

I'm still failing at being a Cool Internet Guy... but that was to be expected. In order to taunt myself I want to make a list of things I plan on writing about. This may (or may not) motivate me.

  • Hypothetical business ideas

  • Why I like filesystems over databases

  • Mercurial's general awesomeness

  • My ideal Linux distro

  • Books I've been reading

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