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about me

John M is a Linux fan in Lowell, MA.

I work at at a company writing software. I fool around with Free and Open Source software for fun & profit.

I was big into and you can still see some of what I listen to there. I can also be found using github and recently sourcehut as well as bitbucket (historically). I don't care for most popular social media sites. If I have an account on one or the other it's probably either old and unused or was created just for tinkering.


Links to things I like, use, or otherwise feel is worth sharing. Things I'd like to see get more popular.


MuyHomepage is the software that drives this site. It takes a directory of "pages", files with simple meta-data and reStructuredText content. Like a number of other blogging systems, MuyHomepage generates static HTML pages from other files, this lightens the load & speeds things up on servers that might be too slow to deal with pages that need to be dynamically generated every time they are visited. MuyHomepage is ideal for the single person blog who may want to upload to a free or low-cost hosting server.

MuyHomepage is also smart enough to support Wiki-style links. Simply enclose the name of another page on the site in [[ and ]] and MuyHomepage will know what page you want to link to.

MuyHomepage is written in python, and relies on the Filament library, which I created in order to support projects just like MuyHomepage.


Python 2.4+
Type hg clone at the command prompt to get a copy of the development source code.
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Every blog page or article on this site is available under the CC-BY-SA license unless otherwise noted.